How To Cover an Above Ground Pool With a Deck?

If you have an above-ground swimming pool, then it’s likely that you’ll want to cover it with something other than just water. That’s where decks come in! A deck is a great way to cover up an above ground pool because they’re easy to install and maintain while also providing safety features such as handrails if needed (especially when kids are nearby).

Covering a pool is a way to prevent leaves and debris from turning the water murky, keep out animals that might drink from or drown in your pool, and provide some privacy from neighbours. Covering your above ground pool can also give you additional time for swimming by allowing you to close off the pool during colder months when you’re not using it.

Benefits of Covering Above Ground Pool With a Deck?

Building a deck for your above ground pool is an easy way to get the benefits of having a deck without the cost or hassle of building or maintaining an in-ground pool, which can be very expensive and require regular ongoing maintenance (not to mention professional installation).

Here are some of the other benefits:

  • It makes the pool safer for children and pets.
  • It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property and gives you more space to entertain guests.
  • It protects your pool from weather damage and dirt, making maintenance easier.
  • It will increase your home value
  • It will make your yard look bigger and better
  • It will give you extra space for seating & storage

How To Cover an Above Ground Pool With a Deck?

Covering a pool is not difficult, but it does require some labour. Preparing the deck for covering the pool includes clearing it of all furniture and decorations, laying down a plastic tarp or drop cloth to protect your deck from any spilt water when you’re filling the pool, and attaching the cover itself to your deck. The actual step of covering the pool can be done in just a few minutes but should not be rushed. Complete your project correctly, and you’ll get years of use out of your above ground pool cover.

You Will Need:

  • Large tarp or drop cloths
  • Plastic worker’s gloves
  • Caulking gun
  • Screwdriver
  • Ladder
  • Cover for the pool
  • Goggles

Here are seven simple steps on How To Cover an Above Ground Pool With a Deck!

Step One:

  1. Clear your deck.
  2. Remove all garden furniture, grill and anything else from the immediate area around the pool.
  3. Leave only a small table with an umbrella if you must.
  4. Use heavy-duty plastic tarps or drop cloths to protect as much of the deck as possible from spills as you fill the pool.

Step Two:

  1. Attach the cover to your deck. If you have an above-ground pool smaller than 18 feet in diameter, you can lift one side of the pool cover over the edge of the pool and allow it to fall into place.
  2. If your pool covers a larger area, attach “hook-and-loop” fasteners or clips to attach one side of the cover to your deck. If you do not have these fasteners, you can use screws to screw one edge of the cover down onto the top rail of your pool’s outer rim (known as the “wall”).
  3. Use a caulk gun and sealant around all areas where the pool cover touches your deck.

Step Three: Fill the pool slowly. If you fill the above ground pool too quickly or suddenly, the cover can be ripped or damaged. Depending on your pool size, this can significantly devalue your pool and reduce its life expectancy. Fill the pool slowly over several hours to ensure no damage is done by uneven weight distribution on the pool cover.

Step Four: When filling your above ground pool, pre-fill it with a garden hose, then turn off the water source when the pool is about three-quarters full. The purpose of this step is to remove any air pockets that will cause you problems later when you are trying to complete the final steps of draining the pool.

Step Five:

  1. Remove the cover by releasing the fasteners or simply pulling it off of your deck.
  2. Drain your pool by removing the drain plug and allowing all water to escape into a garden hose that drains down into an area that will not cause any damage. You may also use a submersible pump for this step if you prefer.
  3. Put the cover over your pool to prevent debris from getting in while you are draining your pool.

Step Six: Once the water is out of the pool, remove all debris by hand and allow the bottom and sides of the pool to dry completely. If any moss has formed on the walls or floor of your above ground pool, scrub it away with a stiff brush.

Step Seven: Once your pool is dry, you can install new waterlines or replace the sand filters and other equipment that might have been suspended in your pool during draining. Give yourself plenty of time to do this step right; it’s much easier if the pool has had no water in it for several days or even a week.

That’s all! You’re ready to fill your above ground pool and enjoy it once again.

How Much does it Cost to Cover An Above Ground Pool With a Deck?

The cost of a deck can vary depending on the material used to make the deck, the size, and if you are hiring someone to construct your deck. Decks usually range in cost from $8,000 to $12,000 at this time. These costs are for a basic deck, without any additional features or options added to it.

How to cover above ground pool for winter?

It’s best to purchase a winter cover for your pool. A good one will have a rugged but flexible design with good air filtration, and it will be weighted at the bottom so you can walk on it without worries. In some cases, people also find that they must leave their pump running during the winter and clean more often because of the increased accumulation of algae from prolonged exposure to stagnant water.

How to cover above ground pool with the partial deck?

When you’re building a partial deck, spend as little time as possible on your knees digging a hole for the post. It’s significantly harder to dig into wet soil that isn’t consolidated properly or ice-packed with snowbanks. You can do this by laying down landscape fabric and compacting it with some heavy objects, so it’s sturdy enough to hold your post for building your railings. Cutting small slits in the corners of these pieces of fabric will allow you to wrap them around stakes or other structures providing support under them, which have been placed where the rails will go before pouring leaves or gravel beneath them to help pack further together this area.

How to keep above ground pool cover on in the wind?

You can buy a cover that has an extra strap or velcro to go around your pool liner.

Alternatively, if it’s just one heavy storm, you could break the cover in by folding it over loosely with pieces of “hairspray” plastic carefully taped down all along its length. It will be too hot to use the pool for a few days, but you won’t have to worry about keeping the cover on anymore!

How to make a hardcover for an above ground pool?

To make a hardcover, you would need to attach waterproof material to the top of the pool. You can do this by stapling or drilling into it and inserting PVC pipe connected to the walls with pipe clamps.

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