Can Boilers Explode? Warning Signs & Prevention Tips

Boiler explosions are always a topic of concern for homeowners and those in the industry. If you’ve ever wondered if it is possible for your boiler to explode, wonder no more! This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about boiler explosions and how they happen, as well as what can be done to prevent them.

How do you know if your boiler is going to explode?

There are a few signs that indicate the risk of an imminent boiler explosion. If your boiler is making any strange or unfamiliar noises, then you should investigate further for the following symptoms:

  • Reflux – low pressure in the house
  • White noise- there is not enough flame in the furnace to produce white soot
  • Steam flash- steam starts flashing out before it reaches its destination because of low pressure.
  • Noise when draining- this usually means sediment has built up and needs to be cleaned out. 

If these symptoms are present, then call a professional immediately. It is best to DIY if possible or at least learn how to maintain it yourself because burning yourself with high temperature hot water would also constitute an injury claim. 

Can Boilers Explode – Knowing the Causes?

Anything that creates too much pressure in the boiler or allows it to become too hot, including minerals and lime buildup.

It’s generally not a good idea to use an oil boiler because excess heat can burn up any of the organic compound oils they are made from very quickly. Boilers are most often used on pellets, this type of fuel burns at cooler temperatures which is less risk of overheating or generating excess steam pressure…. That said, if there is extreme cold weather coming soon you might be tempted to go ahead with using an oil boiler but only if it’s perfectly clear that your system will not produce more than 50psi before the thermostat is triggered. And keep extra eye out for things like bursting.

How likely is a boiler to explode?

Boiler explosion is fortunately rare, since most boilers require 2 things for an explosion to occur. A gas leak and the right atmospheric conditions. It’s also hard to get a boiler shell too hot without causing a lot of collateral damage so people don’t run it at maximum potential temps all the time either. For this reason, there are warning systems in place that shut down a boiler before it explodes from being over-pressurized– these systems have been getting more sophisticated with time as well. However, sometimes they can malfunction for various reasons and thus not prevent an accident from happening. Common causes of boiler explosions include aging equipment where parts have failed prematurely due to wear and tear, system malfunctions triggered by installation errors.

What happens if your boiler explodes?

A boiler explosion is a violent, catastrophic event that can cause extensive property damage and injury or death to anyone in the immediate area. In less catastrophic scenarios, an explosion from a ruptured boiler may be preceded by loud banging noises coming from the vicinity of the boiler; if there is any visible leakage on either side of the copper fins on top of the unit, this could also indicate that combustion gases are leaking into your house.

The first thing to do when confronted with an apparent rupture boilers is to turn off all power sources (heat, electric circuit breakers) and remove any combustibles (any objects on which you would not want fire). Then call for emergency help!

How do you stop a boiler from exploding?

Proper installation and regular maintenance is the best thing you can do to prevent most boiler explosions. Boilers must be installed in a level location, with access for service personnel, and connected with the ability to carry away combustion products and by-products of combustion. Regular inspection is necessary because it can often be difficult to identify any problems until they become severe or irreparable.

To minimize potential for boilers having pressure release events that could cause homeowner injury from hot water/steam, install a proper boiler isolation valve on top of new metal chimneys when replacing coal boilers. Not doing this could create a pressure release event where the excess pressure from the insufficient venting of steam builds up inside while still trying to escape through old flues.

Can a boiler explode if it’s turned off?

Yes, Boiler explosion can happen if the boiler is turned off and water has frozen inside pipes, closed valves, or closed feed lines (pipes coming into the home). The small amount of energy left in an empty boiler will turn to steam which does not have anywhere to go. This build up of pressure could lead to a boiler rupture causing gas leakage and damage to surrounding buildings.


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